guido anselmi

aspiring filmmaker, upstate NY

films i’d like to have directed (in some parallel alternate reality of course):

- a nos amours
- you can count on me
- eternal sunshine/being john malkovich
- modern romance
- punch drunk love
- jules and jim
- the immigrant
- an unmarried woman

the umbrellas of cherbourg

just gonna listen to music and get misty for a bit.

“what a funny life we lead! we meet, we work together, we love each other, and then as soon as we grasp something, it’s gone!”

—    day for night

“shooting a movie is like a stagecoach ride in the old west. first you hope for a nice trip. soon you just hope to reach your destination.”

—   day for night


Man has his priorities. 

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had a dream that my orientation was actually a ruse put on by the faculty who were watching from a truman show type control room. first one to notice there was no conflict in our situation got an A. 


 Rear Window by Adam Simpson

by worteinbildern


by worteinbildern


Another image from Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice has arrived, along with new details.
See them here.


Another image from Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice has arrived, along with new details.

See them here.

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you can tell it like a fairy-tale !

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011) | dir. Nuri Bilge Ceylan

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“The classic case, well-known to conspiracy aficionados, is Paul Bennewitz, a successful electronics entrepreneur in New Mexico. In 1979, Bennewitz started seeing strange lights in the sky, and picking up weird transmissions on his amateur equipment. The fact that he lived just across the road from Kirtland air force base should have set alarm bells ringing, but Bennewitz was convinced these phenomena were of extraterrestrial origin. Being a good patriot, he contacted the Air Force, who realised that, far from eavesdropping on ET, Bennewitz was inadvertently eavesdropping on them. Instead of making him stop, though, Doty and other officers told Bennewitz they were interested in his findings. That encouraged Bennewitz to dig deeper. Within a few years, he was interpreting alien languages, spotting crashed alien craft in the hills from his plane (he was an amateur pilot), and sounding the alert for a full-scale invasion. All the time, the investigators were surveilling him surveilling them. They gave Bennewitz computer software that “interpreted” the signals, and even dumped fake props for him to discover. The mania took over Bennewitz’s life. In 1988, his family checked him into a psychiatric facility.”


The Lovers on the Bridge / Les amants du pont-neuf (Leos Carax, 1991)


The Lovers on The Birdge (1991) Leos Carax